Tall Fashion Wildfox Sweater Jumper Loafers Jeans Long Inseam

Pretty Good At Bad Decisions? 1 Way To Make A Statement

One of my best friends calls me a “bag of spanners”. This may sound harsh, indeed it often feels harsh, but he has seen me at times when the clanking is at near illegal decibels.

Aside from generally unruly behaviour, the Bag of Spanners title was officially bestowed because of a stint of poor decision making (measuring the length of most of my adult life). If there is an impulsive, poorly thought-through decision to be made, with short term pleasure in abundance but to the detriment of long term satisfaction, this bag of spanners will make it. Although, I suspect I’m not the only bag of spanners out there in this regard?

Tall Fashion Wildfox Sweater Jumper Loafers Jeans Long Inseam

On to the delightful brand behind this most apt of sweaters (I want to say jumper but is that terribly British?).  Wildfox. LA-based vintage-inspired knitwear brand set up by two best friends. I reckon those girls are the kind of people HøFSisters would love to hang out with because their clothes are seriously fun to wear. This particular sweater does have an unfortunate get-out-of-jail-free card effect on me. Rather like those people who caveat the beginning of a relationship with “by the way, I’m a massive commitment-phobe” and then say “well, I did warn you” when it doesn’t work out. (Please tell me you’ve had that too?)

Tall Fashion Wildfox Sweater Jumper Loafers Jeans Long Inseam

HøF Tip: aside from their quirky, uncannily accurate statements and super-soft knit, Wildfox sweaters have very long sleeves. As a tall girl, there is only one thing more sartorially pleasurable than a maxi dress hitting the ground, and that’s sleeves which you can pull all the way over your hands. Seriously, it’s tall girl hedonism.

Another HøF Tip: HøFSisters have finally found the perfect pair of skinnies for tall girls: the Donna Ida Ivy. They are the perfect balance of stretch and structure, they hit the ankle bone and are mid-high waisted, not Simon Cowell high-waisted. A staple skinny.

The irony is I’ve only gone and rolled them up.

Tall Fashion Large Feet Embellished Loafers

In truth, it’s so you can see these fantastic Tod’s leather loafers, complete with lots of silver glitter (same effect as gold shoes). They were an exclusive design for My Theresa but have a little look there for size 9’s in other styles, of which there are many.

I am a total car nut and admit to having naughty dreams about owning wardrobes full of Tod’s Gommino driving shoes – they don’t always fit but when they do I’m prepared to smoke the plastic. HøFSisters are firm believers in “you get what you pay for”. Cheap shoes last for about 7 extremely long strides and then they’re in the bin. Tod’s last forever. Three words. Cost per wear.

Festival Bound? Top Tips When Dressing For Summer Fun

Young Fabulous and Broke Playsuit Romper Tall Fashion Clothing Inspiration

Zoe says festivals are like giving birth. After a while, you forget how much pain you were in, remembering only the happiest of times, and decide it’s absolutely the best idea to go through it again. So, as the summer rolls around and festival season kicks in, the excitement builds and the plotting begins.

What to wear?

Well, comfort is the most important thing. You can cover a lot of mileage over a weekend. Flat shoes and a crossbody bag. Or if you’re like me just whack your lippy and money in someone else’s bag. Your phone won’t have any reception (this isn’t London, darling) and even if it does, it will be flat after 5 minutes.

When it comes to dressing for a festival, nothing is too crazy. Our cousin, Happy Harry, is always the Mad Hatter. He’s super tall and lean, with an enormous grin and crazy hair, barely controlled under his top hat. You see him and know immediately that you’re going to have a hangover good time.

Tall Fashion Romper Playsuit

Zo and I may not be as creative as Happy Harry with our festival gear but we love tassels, lace, patterns and playsuits, ingredients with which you can’t go wrong. This black, lacy Young, Fabulous & Broke romper I am wearing is genuinely long enough in the body (yes, really!) for tall girls. Even the word romper seems to have been created with festivals in mind and it allows for the lightest of packing. YFB also does extremely long maxi-dresses (Tall Girls, another top tip).

Tall Fashion Festival Outfit Inspiration

Zo found this amazing top by Rebecca Minkoff, the Tassel Queen, bought from The Outnet (keep an eye out here because great stuff comes and goes rapidly). Check this alternative we love by Maison Margiela.

The zany J brand trousers look amazing on Zo’s long legs. She bought them in a boutique in Oakham, Cavells, worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Rutland. As for the shoes, they don’t come comfier than the faithful Golden Goose mid tops (which are also a great trick for tall girls if your trousers aren’t quite long enough!). Zo looks like she’s ready to have a LOT of fun.



HøFSisters went to Latitude this year, a stunning festival where they actually dye the poor sheep fluorescent pink and make them listen to house music for three days straight. We felt sorry for them initially but I’m pretty sure they felt better than we did by the end.

The odd thing about the human body, it allows you to get through almost anything. Moreover, remain on excellent form throughout. But then you stop. You get home and it arrives first class in the post. You are dreaming of an intravenous drip and an hefty dose of morphine.

But thank god for all of it. For friends, family, sunshine, tequila and the pink sheep. With these ingredients, how can festival fatigue not be worth it?

Latitude Festival Tall Fashion Outfit Inspiration

Latitude Festival

PS Chair cover in main photos kindly loaned by The Donald Trump Toupée Foundation

How To Get That Winning Feeling With Minimal Effort

Tall Fashion: Humanoid White Blouse, Hope Trousers , Gold Charlotte Olympia Oxford Shoes

I don’t know about you but we found the photo of a grinning, naked Andy Murray clutching his Wimbledon trophy in an ice bath rather a delightful antidote to the recent slew of Brexit/weather/media-induced negativity. Granted, our hero of the hour might have bothered to shave or at least trim his mullet, which spent the entire tournament desperately trying to escape from his cap, but hey, look where a haircut got Samson.

So, aside from learning that we must never trust anyone called Delilah, we can also glean from this photo that ice baths are fun having some shiny gold in your life makes you happy. I mean, has anyone EVER actually seen Andy Murray smile before now?

If you need further proof that gold makes you happy then here it is. I have a pair of awesome gold Reebok trainers and I can confirm, that, when wearing said trainers, they do indeed make me happy. Or giddy rather. So we decided Zo should get some gold footwear so she could be giddy too.

Given she’s been on the hunt for a cool pair of brogues for some time, she was delighted to discover Charlotte Olympia’s glittery gold Oxford shoes (in a size 9, whoop!). They are fantastically bling and very classy at the same time, if that’s even possible.

So, you may well ask, how do you style a pair of glittery gold brogues?

Elegant basics are required.

Now to the juicy part so time to listen up, Tall Girls, (not that you weren’t already) because we’re revealing two more fashion brands for you to get your long limbs into. Next time you walk past a fashion boutique like the epic KJ’s Laundry in Marylebone, London, pop your head in and ask if they have any clothing from Hope (Hope-Sthlm to give it’s proper name) or Humanoid and try it on. Swedish and Dutch respectively, both are super-cool brands, great clothes for tall girls and the very definition of effortless chic dressing.

Tall Clothing: Humanoid White Blouse, Hope Trousers , Gold Charlotte Olympia Oxford Shoes

These News Trousers by Hope are a wardrobe staple; the slightly dropped rise and deep pockets give them an urban edginess and oodles of attitude without being in your face. The blouse is from Humanoid of drop-crotch, criminal jumpsuit fame a few weeks ago. Many of their clothes use this wonderful fabric called Cupro which is like a weighty silk. Divine to wear and feels much more expensive than it is (my kind of fashion).

Tom Ford Gold Metallic Zip Clutch

A final golden flourish with a metallic Tom Ford clutch, complete with a zip that looks like it wants to eat you, and I am delighted to confirm that Zo is now very giddy too. Just like Andy and I (not as a couple, just to be clear – my hair wasn’t glossy enough). So there we have it. All the pleasure of winning a Wimbledon trophy without the lifetime of hard work and dedication.

Tall Fashion Humanoid Chat Stone Blouse

One Floor Length Dress For A Very Special Relationship

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Given Britain’s perceived fragile positioning on the global stage since our “Independence Day”, HØFSISTERS felt it was our duty to strengthen Anglo-American relations on theirs. Not to be put off by July Fourth falling on a school night, Zoe and I dusted off our dancing shoes (well the debris from the evening before) for a night out on London town.

Aptly, we were heading to Berners Tavern, a restaurant with a name which screams “we had pubs before your country even existed” and serves up supersized culture with wall-to-wall ornately framed paintings. Our perceived diminished global significance gloriously juxtaposed with our rich cultural history. We’ll show ‘em.

That two of our dinner guests had lived in the UK for the best part of two decades, with a better understanding of British history, culture and (ex-London) geography than us, and the third is better travelled than David Attenborough was of no consequence. We would remind them why they love us Brits – because we know how to have a jolly good time.

Our American friends also all happen to have worked in the fashion industry, blessed with a sartorial sixth sense à la Blair Waldorf (I admit it, I am addicted to Gossip Girl about a decade after everyone else). What better way to impress and woo in equal measure than with a floor-length display of Upper East Side glamour?

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Born in New York in 2008 and famed for its colourful prints and feminine silhouettes, Parker is stocked in some of our favourite London boutiques. The brand was brought to my attention a few weeks ago by a message from a beautifully tall and charismatic friend: “Thought of you the other day, as tried on this jumpsuit in Question Air and it was TOO bloody LONG?! Can you believe it!!”

I hot-footed it to Wimbledon and can confirm her elegantly-delivered statement that most of Parker’s maxi’s and jumpsuits are indeed “too bloody long” – and I’m 6’1 (sorry Europe, we never liked metric anyway). If you want maxi’s or jumpsuits for long legs, head to Question Air and ask their delightful staff to show you Parker. It’s one of our favourite London boutiques, stashed full of quality brands whose designers seem to have had tall women in mind.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

This Parker Grady dress is of beautiful quality and the undulating hem, iridescent blue colour and elegant cut mean minimal accessories. I just paired it with simple sandals from ASOS. Besides, flats are better for dancing in anyway.

As for dinner, the name is where the resemblance to a tavern ended and we were quickly into a rhythm with our well-healed waiter, ordering Cosmopolitans between furious debates on the British weather. Somewhere between rounds 3 and 6 we Googled “where to party in London on a Monday night”. Needless to say it was fully daylight and people were going to work as we headed for home.

All in all a successful evening. Our special relationship sealed. Unless of course they vote for the Donald come November and “take their country back”. In which case they’re on their own.

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Brexit Fatigue? How To Dress For The Real Issue

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What to wear may seem a trivial decision following the dramatic week we have just had. One which tested democratic principles and, I suspect, many friendships to the limit.

While it may not be debated by every media channel on earth, what clothing you choose to wear could give back a small, but crucial, element of control in a confusing time. Dress in a way that makes you feel the best version of yourself, salvage any imploding friendships (stop Facebook bashing) and put your best Superga-clad foot forward.

Brexit fatigue dealt with, we can get back to the most important issue in hand – seriously, what is up with this weather?!

The weather is as confused as the post-referendum landscape. Periods of enlightenment and warmth punctuated by angry, thunderous outbursts and rather depressing, damp squid interludes.

How on earth do you decide what clothes to wear when the weather you leave the house with is completely at odds to the weather you arrive at work with, let alone its status when you arrive back home again at the end of the day?

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Zoe answers that question with this simple yet sophisticated dress from Gestuz, a Danish fashion brand (whoop, whoop!) which punctuates our wardrobes in the most delightful ways.

The weather in London was muggy, then wet with a chill in the air, then sunny and warm again as we shot this, but Team Denmark nailed every climatic curveball thrown at them.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

The stripy dress is of seasonal yet sensible length for a tall girl and bare legs are the best way to go when summer rain is a threat. There is very little worse than sitting in cold, wet trousers (or having to squat under the hand dryer), when a quick, bare leg rub down with a towel will suffice. The long sleeves are indeed long (Zoe has arms which would put an orang-utan to shame), keeping out any chill and avoiding the need for a jumper which, on contact with rain, starts to smell like my Labrador Vinnie after a swim in the Serpentine.

The drawstring on this dress is perfect for tall girls – play around with it and tie the waist wherever suits you. Do we even need to talk about Breton stripes as a great fashion trend? We love them, see here.

Flat shoes are best with this look – sneakers, pumps or even brogues, which look fantastic on long legs and are, as an added bonus, easy to source for large feet. Zoe is wearing classic, white Superga, which are unisex and so comfortable (not to mention Italian), and her black DKNY leather clutch which handily comes with a cross body strap.

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In or out, HØFSISTERS will continue to fill our wardrobes with wonderful European brands, like Gestuz and Superga, which are so fab for tall women.

2 Ways Tall Girls Can Nail The Sporty Look

Something I often hear from women, and not only tall women, is that high street fashion can be guilty of scrimping on fabric and mean on length. Jumpers and tops are often too short in the body, resulting in the dreaded muffin top and builders bum double whammy.

Two solutions. First, get added length in the sleeves and torso by shopping menswear in fitted styles. Forgive me for banging on about this: raiding menswear is not only allowed, but positively encouraged. Second, follow HøFSisters as we reveal the brands that every tall woman should have in her wardrobe.

Piggybacking on the hype around athleisure and gender fluid fashion, the cricket jumper is seriously in demand. Zo and I thought we’d have a crack at finding two jumpers – one from womenswear and one from menswear – and pit them off against each other. Cricket jumpers come in all shapes and sizes but we had two rules: V-necked and knitted.

Starting with womenswear, Zo is wearing a navy cricket sweater from the epic Rag & Bone. A tall girl’s best friend, Rag & Bone don’t do fabric scrimping and the quality is so, so good. Buy one of these and it will last you a long time. Styled with MiH boyfriend jeans and pointy ASOS pumps to give this laid-back look a feminine edge.

I am wearing a white & navy Polo Ralph Lauren cricket jumper from the menswear department at John Lewis. It’s thick, cable-knit and man-sized, therefore perfect with these feminine, skinny James jeans. Oh and the essential Golden Goose mid-tops which Zo and I SO love.

We’ve picked our favourites. Now which one is yours?


Getting High on Zoe’s Birthday

After obligatory test runs at Berners Tavern, Quaglino’s and Sexy Fish – all requiring the consumption of vast quantities of tequila – Zoe decided that her 40th birthday celebrations would be held at SushiSamba. A strange choice, perhaps, given her crippling fear of heights. As the big day loomed, she was waking up in cold acrophobic sweats. She even rang SushiSamba to ask if there was an alternative route to the 39th floor of the Heron Tower. Needless to say the prospect of nearly 200m of stairs coaxed her up and I’m not sure any of us remember the lift back down.

In the run up, Zo and I had had a fantastic shopping trip to Question Air in Wimbledon – an endless selection of beautiful clothes made for giants. Tall ladies always ask me about dresses – the waists are often too high for our long torsos. My advice is to seek out particular styles, for example, those which are not fitted such as tunic or shirt dresses, which you can waist where you like with your own belt. Or try tiered dresses which allow for structure without a fixed waistline. Alternatively go for styles with a wide waist band.

Birthday girl Zoe found this stunning bright yellow Nicole Miller dress, which has a wide ruched waist, perfect for catering to a longer torso. The bright colour and beautiful cut of the dress means simple accessories – either black or nude. Zoe opted for this chic black leather DKNY clutch and cut out LK Bennett heels. She looked elegant, sexy and supremely happy at looking not a day over 30.

Typically, more of a jeans and sneakers girl, I was surprised to come away with this very feminine, 50’s-inspired Ganni skirt. From the moment I put it on I felt like Grace Kelly (I usually feel more like Grace Jones). The skirt had deep pockets which I could plunge my hands into – there is something so comforting about pockets. Do you ever feel like you don’t know what to do with your hands or is that just me?

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

In the excitement of the build-up, however, I had forgotten that the skirt was see-through, so when I stepped out of the taxi on Bishopsgate I was proudly baring my lacy knickers to the world. Perhaps a small pair of black shorts or boy pants would have been more appropriate but it all added to the occasion, I feel.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Needless to say, I shouldn’t have worried about my indecent exposure. Zo’s birthday night coincided with a parade of naked cyclists. Hundreds of men (and one or two women) wobbling their way through London, parts jiggling, as they pedalled to our shrieks of very immature hen-party-esque laughter. In fact, it turns out it was a “protest against oil dependency” and not just gratuitous exhibitionism… Nevertheless, it got our night off to a very entertaining start indeed.

Dear Readers, if you’re renting a Santander/Boris Bike in the near future, remember to wipe the seat before you mount.

Breton Hoodie: The Love Child of Coco Chanel and a Skateboarder

As you may well know, the Netherlands is a nation of generally very tall and very cool people. So, top tip: seeking out Dutch brands is a good place to start when on the hunt for tall style.

A great brand discovered on one of the HøFSisters boutique-crawls across London is Maison Scotch, of Dutch house Scotch & Soda. I want to consume everything Scotch & Soda, including their banana face and Maccie D’s embossed sweaters. Yummy.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Imagine the HøFJoy when we found this hoodie which combines two trends we love: nautical and athleisure. Both just happen to be gender neutral too. Which, you may know by now, we’re quite into.

Originally of French naval heritage, the Breton shirt was adopted by Coco Chanel in her 1917 nautical collection. It has been a fashion staple for men and women alike for nearly a century – donned by iconic figures such as Marlon Brando, James Dean, Audrey Hepburn and most recently the Duchess of Cambridge.

Maison Scotch Home Alone Hoodie - longer length and beautiful quality

Breton stripes via the Netherlands

Born in the 30’s, the humble hoodie has had an extraordinary journey via freezing New York warehouses, sporting side lines and various subsets of urban culture. It was adopted into mainstream fashion in the mid-20th century when girlfriends of American football players began borrowing their boyfriends’ clothes.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

A hoodie with history

Fast-forward to today and athleisure is BIG. If you need proof of this, look no further than Farfetch where there are, at the time of writing, no less than 21 styles of women’s hoodies and 15 of men’s retailing at over £1000. Haute Hoodie indeed.

So, long story short. You could basically wear this Breton hoodie with nothing else and be a fashion icon. Zo wasn’t up for that (spoilsport) so opted for her M.I.H boyfriend jeans and old friends, the Golden Goose mid tops. She looked so chilled I wanted to pop her in my Gin & Tonic.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Golden Goose top tip: if you have big feet go mid-top over high top. And yes, you can buy mens!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


PS Not everything Scotch & Soda is tall-friendly. Try before you buy.

An Outfit for a Live Ex Show

Wang Bralette & Denim Culottes

Had dinner with the Scot last week. As every girl knows, you cannot underestimate the vital role an outfit plays when meeting up with an ex-boyfriend. I needed to look good enough that he would remember how lucky he was to have been with me, but not so good that a whiff of his Chanel Bleu would have us nostalgically tearing each other’s clothes off.

Denim Culottes & Wang Bralette

I am a little bit proud of this dinner. If I am truly as crazy as I imagine myself to be in the anxiety-laden small hours, he would have changed his name and entered a witness-protection programme.

But he hasn’t, and we’re good friends. Well done me (and him).

So, the sartorial challenge: hot but not too hot. These Waven denim culottes are my purchase of 2016. Not only did they drag me triumphantly out of my skinnies infatuation and into a brave new denim world, but they cost a mere tenner. Discovered when rifling through the Mercantile  “Bargain Bin” in Spitalfields (a genuine treasure trove), they’re high-waisted and A-line which means they draw attention to the slimmest part – the waist – and skim lightly over the hips and bum.

Denim Culottes & Rebecca Minkoff Tassles BagDenim Culottes

This was definitely a time to stand tall – so I rolled out my hottest shoes, black suede Miu Miu’swhich, alongside Louboutin, Valentino, Choo and Blahnik, can be found up to a size 9 and sometimes 10. It’s worth spending the big bucks on one pair of statement shoes – just be selective about when you wear them (i.e not to Fabric at 4am) and buy in a neutral colour. If you look after them you’ll get great cost per wear.

T by Alexander Wang Bralette Satin Black

T by Alexander Wang Black Satin Bralette

The T by Alexander Wang satin “bralette” is beautifully crafted, the back dotted with a neat row of hook and eye fasteners, more corset than bra. The combination of boudoir and burlesque makes me feel in absolute control.

Perfect, then, for dining with an ex.

And for an after-dinner show at The Box.

Not committing naughty acts, even if you are watching them, is success in my book.

Rebecca Minkoff Finn Cross Body Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Finn Cross Body Bag

PS The Waven culottes were a once in a lifetime bargain find, but if you have a Google there’s some great ones out there, like these from Urban Outfitters.


You Can Find Me In The (Wo)Menswear Department

There was no gender segregation when it came to fashion in our family. For practicalities as much as aesthetics, the five children were often carted out wearing the same unisex clothes. We were ahead of the curve – unwittingly embracing the gender fluid trend more than two decades ahead of its official arrival.

As I grew older and spent more time away from the sheltered cocoon of family life, anxiety began to creep in – I started to think about the way I looked and developed a desire to conform. I would tear out pictures of beautiful women in magazines, hand them to the hairdresser and say “I want to look like that”.

Now, I have realised that the mood I show the world determines the mood the world shows me. It’s not clothes determining outcomes, but how they make me feel and the traits in my character that they emphasise.

Fashion has evolved and is moving beyond binary. Why do we need to define ourselves and our wardrobes by our sex? I have no idea what it’s like to be a woman. I only know what it’s like to be me[1].

Gender Fluid Fashion

I can enjoy fashion and cars at the same time. I can work in testosterone-driven industries yet acknowledge that deploying a certain level of feminine empathy will enhance not hinder. I don’t want to be in a box determined by gender stereotypes.

Much like the flares, the gender fluid trend is IDEAL for tall women. In fact, fashion is so much in our favour it’s almost a conspiracy.

This is an opportunity to expand our tall shopping remit to every single menswear brand while simultaneously being bang on trend and embracing the end of antiquated fashion and gender designations.

Where’s the downside in that?

Phew. This blog has been cathartic.

Gender Fluid FashionGender Fluid Fashion

In these photos I’m trying to pretend it’s not raining wearing the Massimo Dutti shirt of some guy I know (less exciting than it sounds) and his belt too. My unisex New Balance trainers. The Acne men’s jeans I found at Question Air in Wimbledon; a boutique which has the most delightful staff you have ever met. They didn’t even bat an eyelid as I rifled through menswear, relishing the gender fluid trend that encourages individuality and fashion flexibility.

This outfit captures the zeitgeist of my youth; indifferent to the pressures to look and behave as society dictates.

HøFSisters challenge you to incorporate an item of menswear into your outfits this week. Shoes, jeans, shirts, cashmere jumpers, whatever you like. Tag @hofsisters and tell us how it makes you feel.

Menswear Jeans: ACNE Studios Van Three Denim

ACNE Studios Van Three Denim


Bag: Mulberry Outlet

Bag: Mulberry Outlet

[1] Read Animal by the brilliant Sara Pascoe, a stand-up comedian whose assessment of theories of female sexuality manages to be both hilarious and intelligent